Boxcutter Boxcutter




Boxcutter  Passerby

In April, Planet Mu released “The Dissolve”, the fourth album by Barry Lynn, alias Boxcutter. A record on which the Briton clearly moves away from the dubstep sound of the beginnings of his times as a musician, to shape a sound that though varied in style was still organic. A good example of that is this “Passerby”, which is now set to images by director Sabrina Ratte. While the song combines heavenly synths with “real” bass lines and guitar licks, the video, with an eighties feel and VHS textures, shows a succession of neon abstractions, hypnotic via eternal superposition and chromatic saturation. As a whole, “Passerby” reveals itself as an intoxicating expression of oneiric pulse retro vocation.

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