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TV Troubles

We were warned, and even so, here we are typing these lines, thinking how to get the surprise off our faces. Barry Lynn, precursor in matters of dubstep hybrids –always looking for escape routes in the fundaments of jungle, the timbres and twists of subtle IDM, classic dub, jazzy drum’n’bass, acid house and galactic soul– has gone on a tangent with “ The Dissolve”, his new album about to be released on Planet Mu on 25th April 2011. If “TV Troubles” is representative of the general tone of the album, it’s obvious that Boxcutter has decided to step off the post-dubstep path and take the exit for synthetic retro-actual pop with hypnagogic tendencies –degraded by the passing of time and drenched in generous doses of electro boogie and white funk – that has been written about so much in the past two year. Even the video, directed by Sabrina Ratté, sits nicely alongside the works of other addicts of VHS and its acid effects, like Weirdcore, SunsetCorp and Megazord

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