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Getting Me Down + What You Do With What You Have (Radio Rip)

Blawan by Shaun Bloodworth

With lives as frantic as the hours, one needs discipline and a good memory if, for example, one wishes to listen to the radio show by Hessle Audio on Rinse FM. It’s well worth the effort though. Those who regularly listen to the Thursday night show will know both “Getting Me Down” and “What You Do With What You Have”. The first –an adaptation of an early track by Brandy– wreaked such havoc that it was sold out as soon as it was pressed on vinyl (single-sided, released last week). A re-press of the single is about to be released, so don’t think twice and get it. The second tune, according to the people at Red Bull Music Academy, features the voice of none other than Moodymann, taken from one of the lectures he gave at the Academy. Whatever the source of the vocal sample, “What You Do With What You Have” has everything it needs to become another “now you see me, now you don’t”, if it’s released on vinyl in a limited edition. Conclusion: stay alert for Blawan, the maker of both instant hits. If he keeps up this pace of releasing a banger a month, he’ll be top scorer at the end of the season. Blawan - Getting Me Down Blawan - What You Do With What You Have

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