Blänk Rush Their Seaside Holidays Blänk Rush Their Seaside Holidays


Blänk Rush Their Seaside Holidays

Calmness and nature in the video for “Seaside”

A few years ago, Blänk came out of nowhere, becoming one of the new Swedish darlings of the Scandi-pop loving blogosphere almost overnight. Now, the trio are back with “Áurinko Rising Again”, a five-track EP recorded between Atlanta and Ryssbält, recently released on Grind Records. “Seaside” is the track farthest removed from the band's usual sound, more electronic and influenced by deep-house, electro-pop and hip-hop. Lina sweetly mumbles while the camera shows us the natural beauty of Ryssbält, a seaside enclave in the Swedish part of Lapland, where Blänk come from.

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