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K is for Kelson

Bibio  K is for Kelson

From Excuses and “Old Friends”, the double preview of “Mind Bokeh”, it seemed that little had changed in Bibio’s world since the release of “Ambivalence Avenue” (Warp, 2009). But now we will have to reconsider, because “ K is for Kelson” moves away, and quite far, too, from the imagery that connects Stephen Wilkinson with acid folk, psychedelic pop, the electronic pastoralism of Boards of Canada and broken abstract beats. With its Caribbean rhythms, its jubilant melodies and its touches of berimbau, “ K is for Kelson” tastes of sunshine and piña colada. With Bibio, summer is here.

Bibio - K is for Kelson (taken from 'Mind Bokeh') by Warp Records

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