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Crazy For You/Sunny Adventure

Best Coast  Crazy For You

If you think Lolcats are stupid, you can stop reading now. If, on the other hand, you can stomach unlimited amounts of funny cat pictures and videos, Best Coast and Snacks (Bethany Cosentino’s pet, pictured on the sleeve of the album) will make you smile, again. Last week, the I Can Has Cheezburger blog, dedicated to Lolcats, started a caption contest for Snacks (no, really; you can read the conditions here). Now, the cat is news again, as the star of a video by Bob Harlow for “Crazy For You”, more so even than Bobb Bruno and la Cosentino. Although Snacks stays in the shadows this time (it doesn’t appear in the video), it’s clear that cats have the power. They’re even directing the video! You can see the clip here. And before or after you go in search of the sweetest cat company, don’t forget to click after the jump. There we leave you with “Sunny Adventure”, a song recently released on a split single Best Coast did with Jeff The Brotherhood for the Volcom singles club.


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