Becoming Real feat. Trim Becoming Real feat. Trim


Becoming Real feat. Trim

Like Me / Showdown In Chinatown

Becoming Real

The elusive Toby Ridler, aka Becoming Real, is about to end a great season with Trim, one of the most personal voices on the grime scene. So far this year, he has released four EPs (including his forthcoming “Spectre” for Not Even, out on 15th November) on four different labels, each of them showing a different face, distinct facets of a boisterous brain which refuses to be pinned down by anything or anybody. Ridler prefers to move freely, and whatever he turns his hands to (his music features mutant dubstep and psychotic crunk, geometrical approximations to abstract beat, juke, synth grime and unorthodox funky house), he always manages to make sound strange and personal. Here are two new examples of Becoming Real’s unmatchable vision.

Becoming Real - “Like Me” (feat. Trim)

Becoming Real - “Showdown In Chinatown” (feat. Trim)

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