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Bass Clef

Rollercosters Of The Heart

Bass Clef  Rollercoaster Of The Heart

Bass Clef is Ralph Cumbers. He’s from Bristol and is based in London, and has a string of releases under his belt halfway between dubstep, electro, booty house and breaks, all on the Blank Tapes label. However, his upcoming release comes out on Punch Drunk. On the 12” for Peverelist’s label, which has been available since Monday, there are two tracks of opposing spirits that oscillate between the euphoria of “Rollercoasters Of The Heart” and the dark introspection of “So Cruel”. The A-side is an exalted composition with a rave soul, combining old school hardcore keyboards, sumptuous basslines, cut-up vocals and a modern UK bass wave rhythm. Discover it after the jump, accompanied by a neat animation as its official video.

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