Azealia Banks, In A Very Sexy “Far West” Azealia Banks, In A Very Sexy “Far West”


Azealia Banks, In A Very Sexy “Far West”

The “bigmouth” of new rap premieres a video for “Liquorice”

Using a sample from Lone’s Pineapple Crushas its framework, the controversial Azealia Banks is premiering a video for “ Liquorice”, the fourth and final song on her hit spring EP, “1991”. The truth is that as far as the theme goes, the people at Rankin Film didn’t exactly wrack their brains to come up with the idea: a Far West theme, Azealia riding off into the sunset, wearing short shorts, a top with a US flag on it, and horns on her head, licking ice cream cones and putting folded-over hot dogs into her mouth. It’s clear that the clip, even though it looks nice, is still an easy, predictable attempt to exploit her sexuality. Maybe it was her ex-manager’s idea, the one that she says that she ended up so fed up with.

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