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Trails (Holy Other Remix)

Holy OtherAt this time of the morning, with our senses still screaming sleep, we need to re-read the credits of the song in order to confirm that deep inside this “Trails” (the one in the player below) are traces of the other “Trails”. And may Asobi Seksu forgive us, but this morning we prefer this version, the airy imitation with a haughty voice, to the original. Holy Other, the Berlin-based project dedicated to slow, dense and sombre electronica (their first EP for Tri Angle is expected in early spring), have used a lighter formula, with white magic instead of black, to do their thing. The overall tempo slows down, the song elevates ethereally over synthetic beds that are like magic silk carpets, the vocals turn inward and emotions flow. Remember that Asobi Seksu’s new album, “Fluorescence”, will be in stores on 4th February, via Polyvinyl.

{youtube }tlVXGQj9rUs{/youtube}

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