Ariel Pink From Flower To Flower Ariel Pink From Flower To Flower


Ariel Pink From Flower To Flower

Travis Peterson directs the fun video for “Only In My Dreams”

“Some people dream in black and white, some in colour, and some people dream only in sound. Ariel Pink dreams in VHS.” So says the director of “Only In My Dreams”, the first video from “Mature Themes” (4AD, 2012), the latest album by Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti. The clip starts with a lovers' quarrel, and ends... we don't know what happens in the flat once the door closes, but we have a good idea. Kicked out by his girlfriend Geneva Jacuzzi (his former lover in real life, apparently), Pink starts looking for love in every corner of Los Angeles. It looks like this whole indie-pop star thing still helps when trying to get some.

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