Apparat Apparat



Black Water

The Princess is sad . . . what's wrong with the Princess? Sascha Ring, alias Apparat, keeps paving the way for “The Devil's Work”, his first album for Mute. He does so by talking about human solitude, about his love for animals (many times more appreciated than humans, he says), and about his almost pathological inability to feel satisfied and happy. Don't expect to see Ring (or anyone from his band) in the “Black Water” video. In the piece, directed by Ben Reed, human presence is reduced to the voice of the man who - at the start of this century - became known as a magician of curly and emotional electronica. The starring role is for a series of “sculptures” made with furniture, electrical household appliances and other household goods - that could well be seen as modern menhirs, perhaps interpreted as traces of a life form (or a way to see and understand life) that seems to be coming to an end. An allegory, maybe, for the demise of the Welfare State? The album will be out on 26th September.

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