Animated Video For Autolux Animated Video For Autolux


Animated Video For Autolux

Polygonal elements and models in 3D for “The Science of Imaginary Solutions”

Although some may consider “Transit Transit” - by LA trio Autolux on ATP Recordings (2010) - to have been released quite a long time ago, the band don't seem to have forgotten about it. Which is why, while they're working on their next LP, Barry Hogan's label is going to release a booklet in A6 format, featuring illustrations taken from stills from the animated video Kill Pixie Art and Thomas McMahan made for “The Science Of Imaginary Solutions”. The video to celebrate the release of the booklet (which premiered last Saturday at Los Angeles art gallery LAUNCH) is now available for all to see. Enter the world of polygonal elements and models in 3D.

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