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Alarmaa  YNY

There’s little we can tell you about this track. It’s just been uploaded to LuckyMe’s SoundCloud page, it looks like it’s going to be the Scottish label’s first white label, and it sound glorious. We don’t know who Alarmaa is. Maybe one of the members of The Blessings? Another alias of Travis Stewart aka Machinedrum? Or maybe a mysterious new signing? At this time of morning we’re not capable of recognising the vocal sample, though it sounds like it’s taken from an old eighties record. We also don’t know when it’s going to be released. “In weeks”, they say at LuckyMe. Which could be two weeks from now… or at the end of summer. Anyway, neither the anxiety nor the lack of information can get this tribute to the age of shoulder pads and oversized jewellery out of our heads.

YNY by LuckyMe Music.Art.Parties

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