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You're No Good (Theo Parrish Translation With Aashong)

On 30th May, Domino will release “Don't Worry” as a new digital single off the eclectic “Start and Complete”, the second album by the project shared by Alexis Taylor, John Coxon, Charles Hayward and Pat Thomas. It’s not that track we’re giving you now, but a remix by Theo Parrish of the cover version About Group did of Harvey Averne’s “You’re No Good”, inspired by the curious intervention based on tape loops Terry Riley did back in 1967. True to his style, Parrish tears the track apart to give it a new funk and soulful house varnish with a cosmic touch, built around a subtle groove that never fully explodes. Elliptic seduction. {mp3}01 Youre No Good (Theo Parrish Translation With Aashong){/mp3}

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