Escucha el nuevo EP de Bambounou Escucha el nuevo EP de Bambounou


Listen To The New Bambounou EP

“Night/Browl”, already available on ClekClekBoom

It’s better to follow Bambounou’s trail musically, because it’s hard to find any biographical information, except for his exotic name: Jéremy Guindo-Zegiestowski. So let’s look at the music, because after passing through Sound Pellegrino and YounGunZ, the producer has come to land at the cooperative label ClekClekBoom to offer these two half-breed cuts. “ Night” mixes vocal details of vintage house with the syncopated rhythms of garage, while “ Brawl” is sliced voices served up in the schizophrenic percussions of juke, after taking a couple of sedatives with a martini. Listen to them below.

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