Escucha el nuevo 12" de Downliners Sekt Escucha el nuevo 12" de Downliners Sekt


Listen To The New 12" From Downliners Sekt

"Trim/Tab" goes on sale today through InFiné

It has taken a little longer than expected, but " Trim/Tab", the latest EP from that multinational twosome who reside in Barcelona and answer to the name of Downliners Sekt, is finally available. They have brought us these two cuts along with their new recording company, InFiné. We remind you that this EP is a warm-up for the duo’s coming album, which is expected sometime in the first half of next year. What you have below is the stream of "Trim/Tab (part 1)" and "Trim/Tab (part 2)", as well as the button to buy the work.

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