Sky Ferreira se reafirma como nueva 'divorra ecléctica' Sky Ferreira se reafirma como nueva 'divorra ecléctica'


Sky Ferreira Reasserts Herself As A New “Eclectic Diva”

You can listen to all of her “Ghost EP”

Sky Ferreira is really going for it. Today her anxiously-awaited “Ghost EP” went on sale, and she’s so impatient that she couldn’t wait to share the stream of it with anyone who wants to hear it. As you will see, apart from the well-known “Everything Is Embarrassing” (we’ll leave the video to it for you again after these lines), on the rest of the songs, she is as comfortable as a fish in water with electro-rock, Kylie Minogue-style pop, and some slower songs that sound more like Aimee Mann. There’s something for everyone. Listen to it here.

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