DJ Rashad y DJ Spinn se alían con Don’t Watch That TV DJ Rashad y DJ Spinn se alían con Don’t Watch That TV


DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn Join Forces With Don’t Watch That TV

The Chicago duo dropped by the latest episode of streaming show Just Jam

Before their stop at Barcelona’s latest Sónar festival, DJ Spinn and DJ Rashad were in London hanging out with the people from Don’t Watch That TV. A YouTube channel famous for their extensive graphic material about what’s cooking on the London underground, Don’t Watch That TV is also responsible for the Just Jam streaming shows, which hosted Spinn and Rashad. The two-hour footwork session comes to us with video and post-production included, but if you only want the audio, you can download it from the YouTube player description.

That’s not all. The Chicago DJs took advantage of the opportunity to play an 8-minute video that will be the double official clip for “ We Trippy Mane” and “ Just Jam”, two of the songs included on “TEKLIFE VIL 1: Welcome To The Chi”, Rashad’s latest album, released this month. Tie your shoelaces tightly before you jump on what is waiting for you below.

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