Descubre by Absolut Network - El debut de Bam Spacey Descubre by Absolut Network - El debut de Bam Spacey


Bam Spacey's Debut

Listen to “Land EP”

Bam Spacey is the stage name of Swedish producer Magnus Johansson. The project started in 2007, when, fed up with the idea and format of the “indie band”, Johansson turned his bedroom in Malmö into a studio, in order to explore his electronic inclinations. Land EP is his first release, and a perfect introduction to his particular sound, where his love for styles like micro-house, ambient dub and minimal techno is channelled into his ability to write pop songs full of weightless melodies. His compositions start from minimal elements, submerged pads and percussive melodies made with instruments like the marimba, to which he adds some heartfelt vocals in Swedish. The result is both cosmic and enchanting. “Land EP” is out now on Ceremony as a limited-edition 12” vinyl and digitally.


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