Jackmaster entrega nuevo mix de su serie “Tweak-A-Holic” Jackmaster entrega nuevo mix de su serie “Tweak-A-Holic”


Jackmaster Delivers A New Mix From His “Tweak-A-Holic” Series

Two hours of sleazy funk, 80s boogie, pop, disco and more

Jackmaster picks up the thread of his “Tweak-A-Holic” series to put a tasty soundtrack to your weekend, or, as they say on Numbers, “your girlfriend's next house party”. Those who've heard Jackmaster play know he can handle just about any groove. Besides his professional commitments in DJ booths all over the world, the Glaswegian likes to exercise his less clubby tastes every once in a while, serving up lewd soul and funk, 80s soft-pop, sexed-up boogie, Euro-dance, disco and freestyle. Listen to and download his latest delivery here.

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