D'Eon Goes Deep Into Blink 182 D'Eon Goes Deep Into Blink 182


D'Eon Goes Deep Into Blink 182

Download “Music For Keyboards Vol.2”

With the recent first delivery of “Music For Keyboards”, Chris D'Eon tapped into his mystical vein when playing his synthesisers. Now, he's surprising us with a second volume, going deep into the music of … Blink 182. Particularly in the track "What's My Age Again", of which he's offering 14 different versions played on piano. Inspired by the melodies and chords, the peculiar Canadian wants “to showcase the beauty of the original song when stripped down to just the notes.” Listen after the jump and download Music For Keyboards Vol.2” here. Remember that "LP", his debut album, will be out in early June.


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