Carrie Wilds Puts A Voice To Dubstep Carrie Wilds Puts A Voice To Dubstep


Carrie Wilds Puts A Voice To Dubstep

Get her mixtape for Mishka

The ever-attentive musical department of the Mishka clothing company is back with another mixtape and, as has happened before, the reflex action once you’ve heard the songs for the first time is to download it immediately. This time, they have surprised us with Carrie Wilds, the first woman on their roster and a powerful voice from the belly of New York. Carrie has chosen 13 dubstep and grime songs - which you will already have heard - and added her powerful voice to them. The result is curious to hear, at the very least. It also reminds us how good songs like Joker’s “ Purple City” and Lunice’s “ Juice” are. Find the mixtape underneath these lines.

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