Tercer sencillo ganador para MS MR Tercer sencillo ganador para MS MR


Third Winner For MS MR

Listen to “Dark Doo Wop”, watch the video and discover the Chet Faker remix

Tomorrow is the digital release of “Candy Bar Creep Show”, the EP by MS MR featuring the already known Bones and Hurricane , along with two new tracks, Ash Tree Lane” and the song we're bringing you today, “Dark Doo Wop”. The New York duo show us their most intimate side, downplaying the synth-pop, reducing the musical framework to a minimum (at first, anyway, later it grows instrumentally, becoming more tense and emotional), so that the voice can shine over some doo-wop loops. Like every song from this EP, “Dark Doo Wop” comes in a widget incorporating its own video and remix, this time by Chet Faker.

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