John Talabot y Pional siguen colaborando en “Brave” John Talabot y Pional siguen colaborando en “Brave”


John Talabot And Pional Collaborate Again On “Brave”

The song is the soundtrack for the Divina Pastora marathon in Valencia

John Talabot and Pional encourage you to run. Together they made “Brave”, a track “made from the heartbeat of an anonymous and through hard work.” The quote comes from the organisers of the 32nd Divina Pastora Marathon in Valencia, Spain, which has adopted the track as its official theme song, meant to “give all the runners a sonic push when they're running the final meters”, and which will play during the marathon. John Talabot said they wanted to create something along the lines of “Eye of the Tiger”, but it turned out like this. Download from this link.

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