Segundo bocado de lo nuevo de Dirty Projectors Segundo bocado de lo nuevo de Dirty Projectors


Second Taste Of The New Work From Dirty Projectors

Closeness and contrasts in “Dance For You”

The genesis of the album itself already heralded a different focus, closer to the early works than to “Bitte Orca” (Domino, 2009). And in case there was any doubt remaining, “ Dance For You” has come to confirm the feelings that “ Gun Has No Trigger” had already awakened. The song sounds spare and close-up, a product of more solitary than communal gestation. Hearing it, it’s easy to see Dave Longstreth sitting in front of the microphone, recording alone in his old rental home in the forests of northern New York, playing guitars and clapping over a rhythm that is as playful as it is delicate. But not everything is cheap, portable resources; the kind of things that a man like Longstreth always has “on hand”. In the middle of the song, some orchestrations are present that sound like they were added later, as if the season and mood had changed after a few months, and Dirty Projectors had wanted to spice up the song with a spring breeze full of pollen. The album, remember, will be out on 10th July via Domino.

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