Róisín Murphy canta para Luca C & Brigante Róisín Murphy canta para Luca C & Brigante


Róisín Murphy Sings For Luca C & Brigante

Listen to the album version of “Flash Of Light”

A few weeks ago, “Flash Of Light” surfaced on the internet, in a remix by Solomun. Today, thanks to Hard Candy, we can listen to the first result of the collaboration between Róisín Murphy and Luca C & Brigante in its original state. Yesterday, Róisín stated the following on the subject, on her Facebook page: “When a friend of mine introduced me to the music of Luca C & Brigante I was stuck with an apocalyptic feeling, as if I were listening to the sound of a party at the end of the world. And with such strong imagery coming to mind I was only too happy to write with them when they asked. Flash of Light is about that last night on earth, a forewarning of the end of an era and a last chance to Love.”

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