The Raveonettes, más vaporosos que nunca The Raveonettes, más vaporosos que nunca


The Raveonettes, More Vaporous Than Ever

Listen to their new track “She Owns The Streets”

On “Raven In The Grave” (Vice, 2011), The Raveonettes showed they're not so much interested in stunning people with their "candy-noise" as they are in intoxicating them with a couple of slowly-cooked songs on which the mood is everything. And after hearing two of the tracks from “Observations”, it's obvious they're not going to change ideas. "Observations" (the song) already indicated that, and it's confirmed on the new track they just shared, “ She Owns The Streets”. Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo once again show off their vocal harmonies on a vaporous and serene shoegaze cut. The new full-length will be out on 11th September via Vice Records.

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