Alta complejidad rockera en lo nuevo de Grizzly Bear Alta complejidad rockera en lo nuevo de Grizzly Bear Top


Plenty Of Rock Complexity In The Latest From Grizzly Bear

The New York quartet shares “Yet Again”, another advance from their new album

Although the key elements remain the same, it seems that with “Shields”, their fourth studio album, Grizzly Bear want to enter into more rock territory. One could already sense this desire in the wonderful Sleeping Ute that they introduced to us a few weeks ago, and now it is confirmed with the thundering guitar passage used as the outro of their new single, “ Yet Again”, this time featuring the vocals of Ed Droste. It’s a delivery where they at times show themselves to be more visceral than ever, with more complex arrangements, winding melodies, overwhelming choruses and sweet keyboards. It is clear, then, that the Brooklyn quartet hasn’t gotten lazy. The album will be on sale from the 17th September.

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