People Get Ready remezclan el primer single de Liars People Get Ready remezclan el primer single de Liars


People Get Ready Remix The New Liars Single

The Brooklyn band gives a twist to “No.1 Against The Rush”

Liars followers will be aware of the band's constant mutations. And it looks like their upcoming album, “ Wixiw”, will be mainly electronic. At least, judging from the first single off of the LP, No. 1 Against The Rush”. The remixes continue on that same path: the single, due out on 28th May, includes reinterpretations by Matmos and VCMG. But the trio now takes us by surprise with the minimal version of the track by People Get Ready, which is completely removed from anything remotely pop, opting instead for hypnotic electronica.

Furthermore, Liars keep their fans on their toes with new projects. Their most recent one is, where images are uploaded by fans who feel inspired by the (scarce) information about the album, free interpretations of the clues the band are dropping here and there. On 7th June, Liars will reveal which is their favourite image, and the winner will receive a nice package of band merchandise.

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