JD Twitch de Optimo recupera a Psyche JD Twitch de Optimo recupera a Psyche


Optimo's JD Twitch Revives Psyche

“Goodbye Horses” will be out on 12” in March

His sets alongside JG Wilkes at the legendary Optimo (Espacio) club in Glasgow are proof of the selecting and DJ talent of JD Twitch. Now we know that Canadian band Psyche indirectly had something to do with the start of his career. According to Twitch, he got his first DJ job thanks to a record by them, one of the most underestimated bands of eighties Synth-Pop. In 1987, the Glaswegian auditioned for a gig in Edinburgh, encouraged by a friend, and among the tracks he played that day was Psyche's “Prisoner to Desire”. The club owners turned out to be fans of the band, and they gave him the job immediately. Twenty-five years later, the co-owner of Optimo Music has decided to press up a 12-inch of four of his favourite tracks by the Canadians, as a tribute to the group that marked his life. Among them is this cover of “Goodbye Horses” by Q Lazzarus from 1996. The EP will be out on 5th March.

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