Nuevas transmisiones de Daphni aka Caribou Nuevas transmisiones de Daphni aka Caribou Top


New Tunes By Daphni a.k.a. Caribou

Remixes for Emeralds and an Africa-influenced edit

Daphni, the most dance floor-orientated side-project by Dan Snaith, alias Caribou, continues with his series of reconstructions of music from all over the globe. Firstly, the Canadian will release two expansive remixes of Emeralds' Does It Look Like I'm Here?” on his own Jiaolong label, and second, Sofrito will put out his Afro-disco edit of Malinese artist Niama Makalou. No release date has been given for either of the records, but it looks like they'll be out by the end of this month.


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