La cara más preciosista de Arca en “Manners” La cara más preciosista de Arca en “Manners”


The Most Precious Side Of Arca On “Manners”

First advance track from his new title on UNO

Give this boy any melody, he'll corrupt it and intoxicate it with not-very-noble gases. Give him more or less neat rhythms, and he'll break them down completely. So far, we had known a version of Arca that is sombre, somewhat disturbing in his odd, sharp way of taking on a beat. However, on his new EP, “Stretch 2”, there's a certain brightness, and signs of a different sensibility. We told you about the release last week. Today we bring you “Manners”, a somewhat more IDM kind of song that ends with the tones of a Malian kora.

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