Escucha "Tactel" del barcelonés Alizzz Escucha "Tactel" del barcelonés Alizzz


Listen To "Tactel" by Barcelona’s Alizzz

The song is included on his latest EP for MofoHifi Records

If you have been paying attention to the Spanish beatz scene in recent years, the names Pisu and Música Vermella might say something to you. The producer from Barcelona was co-directing this netlabel from somewhere in Berlin. After some time without any news from him, a few months ago we found out that he had mutated into Alizzz, his new musical alter ego. "Tactel" is included on "Loud EP", his second title for the London label MofoHifi Records, and it is a doctoral thesis on synthetic passion, Scottish aquacrunk and glow-epic in the manner of teacher Mwëslee. Buy "Loud EP" via this link.

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