Escucha “GODBPM” de Grande Marshall Escucha “GODBPM” de Grande Marshall


Listen To Grande Marshall’s “GODBPM”

The new soldier in the Philadelphia school of rap keeps putting out material

Being 18 years old, from Philly, and coming off well at a concert in New York—where the rap crowd is known for its scepticism at live shows—and having released a few songs on SoundCloud deserves our attention and respect. The buzz on the internet has christened Grande Marshall as the leader of the new Philadelphia school and A$AP Rocky has already chosen him to open for one of his shows. The versatility with which the young man raps and produces is one of the reasons for his success. As a sample we offer you this taciturn “ GODBPM” produced by Worthy, which he has just brought out. If you want to download it, click here.

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