Escucha más temas inéditos de Lana Del Rey Escucha más temas inéditos de Lana Del Rey


Listen To More Unreleased Lana Del Rey Tracks

New discarded tracks from the “Born To Die” sessions

Do you feel some of the tracks on “Born To Die” (Universal Music, 2012) aren't that good? That the difference in quality between the best and the not-that-good moments on the album is just too big? Well, it seems clear that the album tracks are there because that's the way it was decided, because those were considered the best songs, or the ones that fit together best. Given the latest leaks, it's obvious there were plenty of tunes. Many of them were discarded, and many of those are now surfacing on the internet. Today we bring you three: “Children Of The Bad Revolution”, “Puppy Love” and “Paris”.

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