Escucha "Werkin' Girls" de Angel Haze Escucha "Werkin' Girls" de Angel Haze


Listen To Angel Haze’s "Werkin' Girls"

The new 'internet brat' of female rap

A new female voice has washed up this week on the prolific worldwide web—they’re coming at a rate of one a week—with enough youth, talent, and audacity to make her mark on the world of female rap. Today we bring you Angel Haze, a 19-year-old living in one of the hundreds of towns called Springfield in the United States (hers is near Washington D.C.). As you can hear in "Werkin' Girls", Haze has plenty of vocal dexterity. If you need more material from the new 'internet brat', check out her Bandcamp because today she has also released her new mixtape, "King", for free download.

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