Lingerie, nuevas transmisiones synth-pop desde Nueva York Lingerie, nuevas transmisiones synth-pop desde Nueva York


Lingerie, New Synth-Pop Broadcasts From New York

AMDISCS presents “Mystical Fitness” and “After Party”

If you are one of those people who enjoys that lo-fi synth-pop with disco mannerisms that is so “in” lately with the American musical underground, Lingerie’s songs just might just make your day. It’s a duo made up of Milky Sway and Candy Starlight, who, although born in Florida, have now taken shelter in New York. Since yesterday, AMDISCS is offering us their debut album, “ Mystical Fitness”, which they had been working on for a year. So we leave you with two cuts from it, “ After Party” and the album’s title song. Imagine Grimes on Rohypnol, reluctantly backed up by the Italians Do It Better 'in-house band' (if such a thing existed) under the production orders of Ariel Pink. That should give you an idea.

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