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Quiet Place To Live / Todd Rundgren remix

Today “Six Cups of Rebel” goes on sale, the third LP from Hans-Peter Lindstrøm. And coinciding with its launch, Smalltown Supersound is bringing us its second single. Having caught us off guard with the surprising “De Javu,” this new bit of the album continues to suggest that the Norwegian has considerably increased his range of influences. There isn’t much cosmic disco in “Quiet Place to Live,” but there is a lot of 70’s prog-rock with a psychedelic soul.

As if to contradict its title, the song opens like an ode to grandiloquence (gigantic synthesisers, stellar arpeggios, and a runaway guitar solo), which soon gives way to a hard, metronomic, and perhaps excessively rigid bass line, paired with the insistent phrasing of a processed voice. This repeats to the point of exhaustion for three minutes, seasoned only with flashes of synthesised trumpets and constant mutations of the vocals. Finally, contention once again gives way to fanfare, and the epic synthesiser takes centre stage again in the second part of the song, this time without a guitar solo. The final result left us a little cold at first, to tell the truth, especially if we compare it to the magic and majesty of that sorely-missed “Where You Go I Go Too”—although we might be looking at a grower. Anyway, we’ll have to wait to hear the whole album before we issue any real verdicts.


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