Katy B estrena un nuevo tema en directo Katy B estrena un nuevo tema en directo


Katy B Releases A New Live Song

Kathleen sings over the base of Mosca’s “Bax”

It has been months since we had news of the sweet Kathleen Brien, but that doesn’t mean that the lady’s been lazy. On the contrary, Katy B is on tour this summer, and today she will be performing at the Benicàssim International Festival (FIB). We’ve heard reports that she’s been playing the occasional new song in her latest shows. Among them is one apparently titled “What You Came For” , which is based on an adapted version of Mosca’s “ Bax”. According to Katy herself, the song will be out soon, credited as Mosca feat. Katy B. Here’s what it sounds like.

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