Justice rinden homenaje a sus héroes rockeros Justice rinden homenaje a sus héroes rockeros


Justice Pay Homage To Their Rock Heroes

Listen to their mini-mix for Annie Mac’s program

Every year that passes, Justice show more and more of their rock side. It has been clearly visible in interviews and it peeps out increasingly in their albums – “Audio, Video, Disco” abounds with rock riffs. In case you have any remaining doubts about their tastes, the French group have now compressed 54 samples of primarily rock music—with the occasional venture into soul, early hip hop, or pop—into their five-minute mini-mix for Annie Mac’s programme on BBC Radio 1. You weren’t wondering whether you could still dance to AC/DC, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Toto, Queen, Todd Rundgren or T-Rex, were you?

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