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Hyperdub Shares “Light + Space”

First advance of Laurel Halo’s “Quarantine”

Laurel Halo’s debut album for Hyperdub is starting to look like it may be one of the most important albums of the second quarter of the year. This chamber pop miracle worker’s previous trajectory, with an astral focus, was promising - but now we have a first whole song to bite into, and we have to admit we are feeling pleasantly surprised. Choosing a much clearer, more serene sound as the basis for letting her pop profile flow, Laurel Halo gives us “Light + Space”. It’s a small jewel of light, intimate synthetic pop that could pass for a cross between Julia Holter, David Sylvian and Oneohtrix Point Never in the midst of a clear sky, the three of them gliding on a sailboat used for flying without a motor. Remember that “Quarantine” will reach the shops this coming 28th May (a week later in the United States).

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