Marc Houle se desdobla en Raid Over Moscow Marc Houle se desdobla en Raid Over Moscow


Marc Houle Unfolds Raid Over Moscow

Turbo brings us “Rush To The Capsule”

Since his emancipation from M-nus, Marc Houle has released an EP and a new album on Items & Things, the platform he started with Magda and Troy Pierce, his partners in Run Stop Restore. But there's more. Houle is about to return to activity with Raid Over Moscow, his moniker for his electro-pop adventures. Turbo is getting ready for the release of an EP featuring three original cuts, a version of the title track by Footprintz and two remixes by the infallible Ewan Pearson. Here we leave you with the most techno orientated of those remixes, alongside the original version of “ Rush To The Capsule”, a song in the vein of early Adult., Gina X and Japanese Telecom.

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