Los altos y bajos de Peaking Lights Los altos y bajos de Peaking Lights


The Highs And Lows Of Peaking Lights

First single from “Lucifer” released

We always appreciate the preparatory mixtapes (two for the moment, both offered on Lucifer.fm) to kill time, but we have been yearning to be able to sink our teeth into “Lucifer” for a while now. We wanted something with some meat on it, something exclusive and particular, with the essence of Peaking Lights. And this something is “Lo Hi”, a new hybrid exercise in which there are flashes of expansive psychedelics, low-speed disco, drowsy West Coast funk, chillwave with an exotic aftertaste, and cloudy, turbulent reggae-dub. So it’s right on the money again. Remember that the album will reach the shops on 18th June, through Weird World and Mexican Summer.

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