Future Islands se apegan a los sonidos negros Future Islands se apegan a los sonidos negros


Future Islands Devote Themselves To Black Sounds

The Baltimore band shares “Tomorrow”

One title after the other, Future Islands show that they want to head down increasingly complex trails, not remain anchored in a pleasant synth-pop with a post-punk soul. And we take this “ Tomorrow” that they are sharing now as a declaration of intentions; it will be included on their upcoming seven-inch, which will go on sale on 3rd September. Although it’s a bit exaggerated to say that Samuel T. Herring’s voice is closer than ever to Sam Cooke’s, like they say at Upset The Rhythm, it is true that the piece is essentially pervaded by a black sound that really suits it. Besides Herring, other voices include Jenn Wassner ( Wye Oak), Lexie Mountain and Elena Johnston.

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