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Some may know Frankie Rose as simply “the girl playing drums in Vivian Girls, Dum Dum Girls and Crystal Stilts”. But leaving out her solo career (or role as a band leader) wouldn't do her justice, even more so now that she's about to release her second solo album. “Interstellar” will come out on 21st February in the United States on Slumberland and on 19th March in Europe on Memphis Industries. After two advance tracks -“Know Me” and “Night Swim”, very much in the vein of her previous efforts - now she offers up the title song, and it's one of her best compositions yet. The intro could lead us to the wrong conclusion: while the opening is all floating, cosmic synths, it doesn't take long before her true colours start to show - well-defined percussion, subtle distortion and great backing vocals. The most surprising thing of all is the producer Frankie chose. Unlike Dee Dee Penny, who called in Sune Rose Wagner (a producer close to her own sound) for “Only In Dreams”, Frankie took her chances with someone who has nothing to do with fuzz guitars. She teamed up with Le Chev, bassist in Fischerspooner and an avid remixer (Lemonade, Passion Pit and Rose's own “Candy”), and it turned out very well.


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