Feel My Bicep transmuta en sello Feel My Bicep transmuta en sello


Feel My Bicep Becomes A Label

Listen to its first title, by Bicep themselves

Five years of directing one of the finest and most select music blogs gives you, at the very least, a little bit of knowledge about the music biz. And if your drive to share the music you like continues to grow, in spite of the prestige your blog has achieved, the logical step is to start your own label. Which is exactly what happened to Andrew Ferguson and Matthew McBriar, the boys from Feel My Bicep. After making their debut as producers two years ago as Bicep, they have now decided to turn their digital platform into a label. They're handling its first release themselves, and in the promo video they declare their infinite love for house, hip-house and nineties club music. "Vision Of Love" will be out on limited-edition vinyl, on 24th September.

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