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FaltyDL Remixes Oneohtrix Point Never

Listen to his version of “Replica”, in collaboration with Roger Robinson

Today, “Dog In The Fog ” is released, the EP with remixes and versions, all collaborations of some kind, of tracks from the brilliant “Replica” (Software, 2011), Daniel Lopatin’s most recent album as Oneohtrix Point Never. A few days ago they let us get a taste of the catchy contributions by Matmos and Limpe Fuchs. Today the flavour is different, and rather more pleasant, thanks to the mutant and very rhythmic refix by the talented FaltyDL and Roger Robinson, the deep voice of King Midas Sound. Six and a half minutes of hypnagogic house that bring back the shine of rave and melancholic intelligent techno of the early nineties. To be filed with Lone, Boards Of Canada, and Actress. What we don't get is why it wasn't included on the EP.

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