Erased Tapes nos trae a The British Expeditionary Force Erased Tapes nos trae a The British Expeditionary Force


Erased Tapes Brings Us The British Expeditionary Force

Download “Strange Aftertaste”

In February, the bucolic, 3-D animation of “Commotion” drew our attention to “Chapter Two: Konstellation Neu”; the upcoming second album from Erased Tapes by The British Expeditionary Force, the project by brothers Justin and James Lockey. The LP is almost the complete opposite of their debut, not only sound-wise (which is more solid and consistent, more proggy, though without losing sight of the indietronic path of “Chapter One: A Long Way From Home”), but also in regards to the process. The brothers surround themselves with synthesisers, (two) drum kits and a group of friends for the recording - all in the same room, following an excessive premise they themselves describe as: “more sounds, more layers, more people. More face to face, more angles, more songs”. The result can be heard on tracks like “Strange Aftertaste”. Look for the arrow in the player if you want to download it.

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