Amen Dunes juguetea con canciones anónimas etíopes Amen Dunes juguetea con canciones anónimas etíopes


Amen Dunes Plays With Anonymous Ethiopian Songs

The New Yorker's releasing a new 7”, “Ethio Songs”

Amen Dunes has just independently released “ Ethio Songs”, a new 7” single limited to 300 copies. It holds his reinterpretations of three Ethiopian songs he discovered by accident, on an unmarked tape, thanks to a neighbour. The people of Ad Hoc have been kind enough to upload two of the renditions ( “Ethio Song 1” and “Ethio Song 3”) with their respective sources. However, we must warn you that the credits of Ethio Song 3” have been changed in the player below, erroneously reversed. Oddly enough, with all that reverb it's not really clear if Damon McMahon is singing in English or Ethiopian. Get the 7” here.

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